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Target of trainings according to listed blocks is to acquaint technical and service employees from maintenance of regulating equipment with method of provision service and repairing activities onto products of REGADA s.r.o.
Block programs of training are filled with relation to actual issues and reflection of specific competence and the area of work of the attendants of the certain service training.
Every attendant will receive certificate of participation on competent training. Contracting service centres will receive licence of performance service works for chosen types of products.

Types of service trainings

  • Servicing of products
  • Installation and removal of nodal modules
  • Replacement of the most used parts
  • Individual service trainings

Servicing of products

Complex program of servicing of products of company REGADA s.r.o.

Target of course:
Attendants of course are deepening their technical knowledge about parameters and attributes of single products through constructional nodal mechanism.
At prefabrication of service workshop they are verifying their theoretic knowledge directly at experimental samples.

Installation and removal of nodal modules

Target of course:
Practical samples of installing and removing of nodal modules or finished products.
The course is intended for service workers of contracting service centers.

Replacement of the most used parts

Target of course:
Practical samples of replacement of the most used parts chosen from catalogue ND.
The course is intended for service workers of contracting service centres.

Individual service trainings

Target of course:
At customer's desire could be performed individual course and training for actual issues. It's about deepening acquired knowledge from previous courses from sphere of servicing finished products.

Technical counselling

  • Ordering
  • Basics of implementation
  • Technical documentation
  • Product construction
  • Introduction into operation
  • Electronic implementation


  • according to catalogue
  • by text
  • by order list
  • by telephone

Basics of implementation

Sample of product implementation from view of adherence basic principes of choosing parametric evidence of armature and electric actuator.

Technical documentation

  • catalogues of products
  • instruction for installation and maintenance
  • catalogue of spare parts

Product construction

Specific construction as basic for achievement defined product parameters. Choise of construction knots which affects parameters of product.

Introdution into operation

Attendants of training are acquaint with issue of product implementation and product operation. Increased emphasis is dedicated onto issue of mechanical and electrical connection and consecutive operational verification.

Electornic implementation

Practical samples of electronic implementation - CPT transmitter, converter, position controller. EA MO with DMS system, EA ST 0 with electronic DX 3002, EA SO 2 with electronic DX 3004.


In application is necessary to state:

  • company name
  • sort of course you are interested in
  • required term
  • list of attendants