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REGADA actuators now available down to -60°C

Actuators designed for arctic climate

In 2020, the company REGADA began to innovate its electric actuators designed for harsh arctic climate conditions, namely the temperature range which is now available down to -60 °C. The first upgraded actuators include the basic STANDARD electric actuators designed for "open - close" operations - the actuator class A as well as for "positioning" - the class B. At the end of the year, the REMATIC product range, intended for "regulation", i.e. the actuator class C was upgraded as well.

Actuators with a temperature range from -60 °C to + 40 (60) °C can be used in the northern countries, especially in Russia and can be applied in any industrial or energy supply area. All the actuators completed severe tests for extremely low temperatures. Some of them have already been deployed in sites in Russia.

For detailed information, please see the respective product information sheet or the assembly instructions.