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Company REGADA, s.r.o. nowadays employs 160 employees. Our dynamic development is related with permanent need for new, qualified and motivated operatives.

The interest of our company as employer is permanent improving of working conditions, education, support of technical development, initiative of employees and making use of their potential aimed at technical, manufactural and operational improvement.

Based on our almost fifteen years experience we know, that qualified and motivated employees are base of our success, so the education of our employees is one of fundamental processes of control of quality management system and company culture.

To our employees we offer:

  • stable occupation
  • made-to-measure education
  • practical induction course
  • posibility to work in dynamic and successful collective
  • career development
  • possibility of participation at developing projects
  • complex and perspective style of management
  • financial valuation with measurement onto motivation element

From our employees we expect:

  • high working disposition
  • quality
  • flexibility and creativity
  • loyalty and professional approach

We are offering opportunity for experienced adepts and school absolvers as well to develop and build their career and actively share success of our company.

Current job offer:

There are currently offered no vacancies.